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UltraTape manufactures high quality cleanroom tape and labels using the most advanced materials and adhesive technologies. The company also manufactures high-performance graphic overlays and nameplates for use in even the harshest environments.

Cleanroom Tapes

Premium cleanroom tapes are made from non-particulating materials and residue-free adhesives on a plastic core. Each roll of tape is processed through UltraTape’s proprietary clean manufacturing process. These tapes are ideal for use in critical environments within the semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical, and electronics environments.

Cleanroom Labels

UltraTape has a line of specialty labels that can be customized for your specific application. Special packaging, core, backing and adhesive materials can be combined to meet any requirements.

Graphic Overlays and Nameplates

UltraTape’s custom graphic overlays, faceplates, and front panels make a powerful first impression for your company and equipment. Our durable custom overlays can be manufactured using a variety of process and substrates and can withstand even the harshest environments.

Converting and Printing Services:

UltraTape provides precision slitting, laser cutting, die-cutting, printing, rewinding and custom converting services to a wide range of industries including OEM’s, medical, electronics, aerospace and automobile.