Company Overview

At Delphon, we’ve carefully curated a portfolio of companies that develop and deliver highly engineered materials for the semiconductor, medical, photonics, and electronic industries. Tapping into decades of experience, our technology experts at each of our companies work with you to create and innovate custom solutions that add value to your products.

Our companies, Gel-Pak, TouchMark, and UltraTape are recognized as leaders in their respective markets. Whether you’re working on a legacy product or a breakthrough idea, we offer highly engineered and effective products to provide you lasting value.

The company’s ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities are headquartered in Hayward, CA with additional operations in Wilsonville, OR.

Delphon Divisions
Gel-Pak | Company Overview | Delphon

When companies need to handle, transport, or process small, valuable devices without risk of damage, they rely on Gel-Pak. At Gel-Pak, we develop and manufacture a family of polymer-based carriers and films designed to provide maximum protection during the shipping, handling and processing of delicate devices. Our manufacturing expertise allows us to customize existing products or rapidly develop novel solutions to meet evolving requirements for demanding environments. Headquartered in Hayward, California, we have manufactured device carriers since 1980.

TouchMark | Company Overview | Delphon

TouchMark, offers high-quality precision printing services for the medical device and electronics industries. Our highly specialize pad printing technology, developed specifically for demanding applications, enables us to print on a variety of difficult substrates. Our cleanroom manufacturing facility makes it possible for us to rapidly produce products ranging from small clinical trial prototypes and engineering lots to large production volumes.

UltraTape | Company Overview | Delphon

At UltraTape, we have developed and manufactured highly engineered cleanroom tapes and labels for use in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, medical and electronics industries since 1992. We work hard to optimize our products to ensure we deliver adhesive and substrate combinations that are tailored for their specific applications. Our products are manufactured in a cleanroom facility to ensure you get particle and residue free adhesive tapes for use in critical environments.

UltraTape's wide variety of tape includes substrates such as Polyester, Polyethylene, PVC, Polypropylene, Kapton, Polyimide and utilizes the optimum adhesive technologies whether Acrylic, Rubber, or Polyurethane for each application.

UltraTape's proprietary process was developed to meet the needs of the high technology industries. Ultratape can uniquely provide Cleanroom Certified tape to meet critical industries requirements. Applications ranging from cleanroom construction tape, wafer process tape, barrier tapes or sterilization.