Surface Modification

Delphon has developed a unique solution using plasma gasses that temporarily increases the surface energy of plastic substrates with low surface energy. This process promotes surface wettability on industrial and medical grade plastics.

Plastic adhesion problems are widespread throughout the medical and electronic device industries. A major contributing factor to these problems is that many plastics have chemically inert and nonporous surfaces with low surface tension. This means many plastics are hydrophobic and not naturally wettable.

Although these lubricious properties are good for the design engineer, they often result in secondary assembly and decorating challenges in the areas of bonding, printing, coating, and painting.

Delphon’s surface pretreatment capabilities solve the adhesion problems of today’s high-performance resins.

Poor surface wettability. Low surface energy. Contact angle > 90º

Good Surface Wettability. High Surface Energy. Contact Angle > 60º | Surface Modifitacion | Delphon

Good surface wettability. High surface energy. Contact angle < 60º