Delphon has invested heavily in a variety of state-of-the-art printing technologies in order to provide the most customized material solutions to its customers.

Flexographic Printing:

Our roll to roll flexographic printing capabilities enables us to work with a wide range of materials including plastics, rubber, foam, and vinyls to develop unique labels for our customers. Our advanced UV flexographic printing equipment is capable of producing high-quality custom products quickly.

Our process capabilities include:

  • Consecutive numbering and bar coding
  • Gloss or matte UV coatings
  • Slitting
  • Folding and fan folding
  • Punching and drilling
  • Eyelet and button
  • Two-sided printing

Pad Printing:

  • 360° printing
  • Multi-color, gradient printing
  • Biocompatible Medical grade inks
  • Conductive and radiopaque inks
  • Concave, convex or contoured surfaces

Screen Printing:

Screen printing technology allows for the application of both specialty inks and coatings including:

  • Antimicrobial coatings
  • Conductive inks and coatings
  • Medical grade inks
  • ESD coatings
  • Standard inks
  • UV coatings

Digital/Inkjet Printing:

  • Multi-color
  • Efficient for small volumes
  • Serialization
  • Barcodes


Delphon offers a wide variety of hot-stamping foils that can be applied to a variety of materials to give a rich look that will make your message stand out.