Proprietary Products

Over the last 35 years, the Delphon brands have developed a number of proprietary products for some of the world’s largest technology-based companies. We hold several patents and trademarks for solutions we have created to help solve the challenges faced in today’s high-tech manufacturing operations.

Gel-Box ™

Developed more than 35 years ago, the first patented Gel-Pak product was designed for one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers to hold fragile semiconductors in place during manufacturing and transport.

Vacuum Release Tray (Gel-Tray®)

Similar in concept to the Gel-Box product line, the Gel-Tray was developed to offer additional versatility by designing a removable gel-coated tray stored inside a plastic hinged box. This modification provided customers with a way to use the product with a loading fixture.


In order to provide a solution to customers with high-temperature applications or who need to perform backside inspection of their devices, Gel-Pak created the Gel-Slide product line.

VR Carrier™

As devices become smaller and even more fragile, and as manufacturers began to process these devices with automated equipment, an even more intricate carrier was needed by customers. Gel-Pak invented its patented Vacuum Release carriers to securely hold even the smallest devices in place during processing and transport.


A variety of proprietary film products has been developed by Gel-Pak for applications ranging from disk drive lapping and wafer back grinding to surface protection.


Stretchable films for a wide variety of existing and emerging applications in the medical and electronics industries. Our tight process control and ability to customize make Delphon's E-Film products ideal for printed, wearable and flexible hybrid electronic applications.


Customers of Delphon’s UltraTape division are often asking for proprietary label designs that will not introduce contaminants to their cleanroom environments. The company has developed hundreds of unique labels for everything from product identification and serialization to GHS compliance – all for use in critical environments.

Protocol Tape™

After a series of contamination issues in their newly fabricated cleanrooms, one of the world’s leading technology companies learned that the culprit was the tape that was used during the construction of these facilities. In order to combat the problem, UltraTape was asked to design and manufacture a unique tape that would be easily recognizable as cleanroom certified. The company developed its proprietary Protocol Tape with a unique randomized blue and white stripe that lets customers know instantly that the tape they are using is cleanroom safe.