Photonics Industry Solutions

We recognize that delicate high-end photonic components require special handling. Whether it be protective films, fixturing materials, adhesive tapes, or custom packages, Gel-Pak and UltraTape speciaize in solutions for our customers in the photonics industry.

  • Gel-Pak’s Gel-coated boxes, trays, slides and films offer protection during the shipping handling and processing of fragile optics.
  • Gel-Pak’s line of Membrane Boxes are ideal for the safe transport and storage of three dimensional optic components such as prisms and lenses.
  • Both UltraTape and Gel-Pak offer protective films for optic applications - including high-temperature films for vacuum coating.
  • UltraTape’s cleanroom adhesive tape and label products are routinely used in optoelectronic applications including protective masking during lamination, fabrication, assembly, shipping and storage.

Delphon’s R&D team partners with companies to develop unique polymer and adhesive solutions to meet the specific parameters of photonic applications.