Photonics Industry Solutions

Delphon recognizes that delicate high-end photonic components require special handling. Whether it be protective films, fixturing materials, adhesive tapes, or special packages, Delphon works with companies in the optoelectronic industry to develop solutions to meet their special requirements.

  • Gel-Pak’s Gel-coated boxes, trays, slides and films offer protection during the shipping handling and processing of fragile optics.
  • Gel-Pak’s line of Membrane Boxes are ideal for the safe transport and storage of three dimensional optic components such as prisms and lenses.
  • Both UltraTape and Gel-Pak offer protective films for optic applications - including high-temperature films for vacuum coating.
  • UltraTape’s cleanroom adhesive tape and label products are routinely used in optoelectronic applications including protective masking during lamination, fabrication, assembly, shipping and storage.

Delphon’s R&D team partners with companies to develop unique polymer and adhesive solutions to meet the specific parameters of photonic applications.