Medical Industry Solutions

Delphon develops materials and processes for the medical device industry. From biocompatible carriers to antimicrobial coatings and adhesives - Delphon's product development team is constantly working with companies in the medical market to develop unique products and services.

  • UltraTape manufactures cleanroom tape, labels and custom overlay solutions for medical applications.
  • UltraTape offers antimicrobial coatings for application on most substrates via a state-of-the-art screen printing process.
  • TouchMark is the industry leader in precision printing on medical devices.
  • Delphon develops unique film products for medical patches, wearable devices, and for manufacturing processes including kitting, fixturing, and assembling medical devices.
  • Gel-Pak’s line of Gel-coated boxes, trays, slides, and films are biocompatible and ideal for securing and transporting medical devices.
  • Stretchable polymer films for wearable electronics and medical patches.