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Gel-Pak® manufactures a family of innovative Gel-coated boxes, trays, slides and films. Gel-Pak’s products are designed for applications where maximum protection is required during the shipping handling and processing of valuable devices. Gel-Pak’s manufacturing expertise allows the company to quickly customize existing products or develop new solutions to meet ever changing industry requirements.

Vacuum Release Tray™ (VR Trays)

Gel-Pak’s patented Vacuum Release Trays (VR) offer a breakthrough in handling of devices from the smallest laser diodes to a large single wafer. The surface of the tray features a proprietary gel membrane that holds a device in place without custom molded pockets.

The device can be released on demand by drawing vacuum under the tray. Once the tray is in release mode, removal is easily accomplished with tweezers or vacuum pick-up tools.

The VR series is available in transparent styrene, conductive black and antistatic materials.

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Gel-Box™ (AD Carriers)

The original Gel-Pak® product, the AD series, is composed of a proprietary Gel coating which is applied directly to the bottom of a plastic hinged box. The AD Series is intended for manual applications in which devices are loaded and unloaded using tweezers or by fingers.

The Gel-Box™ products are available in transparent styrene, conductive black and antistatic materials.

Standard boxes range in size from 1" x 1" to 5" x 7". Custom boxes are available upon request or you can send Gel-Pak® your own box and it will be coated with Gel for you.

The Gel-Box™ may be customized with a print pattern (grid) or company logo.

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Gel-Tray® (BD Carriers) and Gel-Slide™ (CD Carriers)

Gel-Pak’s Gel-Tray® (BD Carriers) and Gel-Slide™ (CD Carriers) products are comprised of a 2” Gel-coated tray or slide stored in a protective plastic-hinged box. These products offer the same functionality as the Gel-Box™, however the tray or slide can be conveniently removed from the box for ease of use. These too are offered in transparent styrene, conductive black, and antistatic materials.

Gel-Tray® and Gel-Slide™ can be customized with a print pattern or company logo.

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The Gel-Film™ products are manufactured using the same proprietary Gel material and is offered in 3 different product configurations: WF, PF, and DGL. The most commonly used Gel-Film® product is the WF film which is Gel bonded to a metalized polyester substrate material and it is available with an optional pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Films are generally used for probe-tip cleaning, wafer backgrinding, surface protection, disk drive bar lapping, scribe and break operations, etc.

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Delphon manufactures stretchable films for a wide variety of existing and emerging applications in the medical and electronics industries. Our tight process control and ability to customize make Delphon's E-Film products ideal for printing, wearable and flexible hybrid electronic applications.

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Membrane Boxes

The company offers a line membrane boxes that effectively suspend an object between two flexible membranes that conform to its shape and hold it in place.

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Device Handling Accessories

Gel-Pak® offers a variety of accessories to be used with the Gel-Pak® product line including Vacuum Release Stations, Vacuum Hand Pumps, Pen-Vacs, clips for VR Trays and, protective foam and fabric, and plastic hinged boxes.

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Gel-Pak Gem Boxes

Gem Boxes suspend gems in place by their facets, allowing light to penetrate from all angles, which adds to the brilliant display of the stone.

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