Gel-Pak Polyurethane VRP Series Vacuum Release Carrier

Gel-Pak’s new VRP product line consists of a proprietary cross-linked polyurethane film membrane over a mesh material that holds components in place until they are released “on-demand” by applying vacuum to the underside of the tray. The new polyurethane Vertec® vacuum release tray provides the same appearance and functionality as the traditional Gel VR Tray, yet is both silicone-free and static dissipative.

  • Designed to handle components from 250 µm to 300 mm
  • Immobilizes and protects valuable devices during shipping and handling
  • Ideal for high-volume automated device pick and place applications
  • Available in 2” & 4” trays, large format, and custom plate sizes
Material Attribute
Elastomer Chemistry Proprietary Cross-linked Polyurethane Film
Surface Tack EH02 (Low Tack)
EH07 (High Tack) TBD
Surface Resistance <109 ohms
Operating Temperature +10 to +35o C
Shipping/Storage Temperature -10 to +75 oC (see note 2)
Shelf Life 2 Years
Unique Features Static Dissipative, Non-Silicone