Gel-Pak Vacuum Release Series (VR)

The Gel-Pak Vacuum Release trays (VR) effectively immobilize fragile devices including laser diodes, die, and optics, to ensure that they remain damage-free during transportation and storage. Components are held in place until they are released when vacuum is applied to the underside of the tray.

VR Trays are ideal for:

  • Extremely fragile or thin devices
  • Handling bare die
  • No contact with edges or top surface of device
  • Handling device sizes (X,Y) ranging from 250 micron to 75mm
  • High-volume automated device Pick & Place applications
  • Manual unloading using Vacuum Pens

Gel-Pak is constantly looking for ways to protect delicate components with products and materials that companies can use during processing, storage and transportation.