Gel-Pak’s Vertec® Texturized Film (GP-TXF)

Gel-Pak’s bioinspired texturized film carrier product is based on a proprietary TPE technology. The unique film mimics the adhesive forces of biometric structures found in nature, which securely hold components in place while allowing for easy removal. The film is ideal for in-process handling of bare die and leadless packaged components.

  • Available in sheet and roll format
  • Can be provided in multiple carrier form factors such as JEDEC standard trays (2”, 4”, Flat Matrix) or customer specific substrates
Properties Value
Compatible Device Size > 800 µm
TPE Film Color Translucent
Surface Tack Low (L) , Medium (M), High (H)
ESD SR > E12 (ohms)
Operating Temperature +10 to +35° C
Storage Temperature -10 to +50o C
Shelf Life 2 Years
Unique Features Silicone Free

* These values are for reference purposes only and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.