Gel-Pak Offers Special Waffle Pack Lid for thin die handling

Prevent your fragile, thin die from migrating between pockets during shipping and handling with Gel-Pak’s specially designed Waffle Pack Lid.

Shipping thin die in waffle packs presents a challenge for many companies. Thin devices packed in these chip trays have a tendency to move around within their pockets and can “escape” from their pockets during transport. The GPL-22C/93CB Lid prevents die from escaping by creating a seal over each waffle pack pocket during shipping and handling.

To provide the ultimate protection for your device during shipping, handling and processing, use the Gel-Pak VR product line.

Gel-Pak Vacuum Release (VR) carriers are extremely versatile “pocketless” trays that securely hold fragile devices in place during transport. VR carriers immobilize devices so that there is no edge or top surface contact.

VR Trays are ideal for:

  • Extremely fragile or thin devices
  • No Contact with edges or top surface of device
  • High-volume automated device Pick and Place applications