Gel-Pak Increases Throughput in Automated Inspection and Measurement Process

Automated inspection and measurement systems allow medical device manufacturers to verify dimensions as well as qualify parts and processes. Working with small components can be a challenge, as it is sometimes difficult to maintain orientation and position as parts move through the inspection system. Gel-Pak’s optically clear gel material helps improve efficiency by effectively holding components in place during the inspection and measurement process.Gel-Pak manufactures a line of optically clear products including:

Gel-Boxes (AD Series):

Transparent hinged box with proprietary gel coating applied to bottom.

Gel-Slides (CD Series):

A glass slide coated with our proprietary gel material.

Gel-Film (PF or DGL Series):

A proprietary film with polyester backing material.

All products come in a variety of tack levels and grids or patterns can be customized to meet the needs of your application.