Gel-Pak® Gel-Box Carriers for Optical Filters

It can be a challenge for photonics suppliers to keep optical filters free from damage during shipping and handling. The fragile substrates that filters are made from lend themselves to cracks, scratches, and ultimately yield loss during transport. Gel-Pak’s Gel-Box® products provide the protection needed to ensure that fragile optical filters remain damage-free during shipping and handling.

The Gel-Box® product is comprised of a plastic hinged box with a proprietary Gel coating applied directly to the bottom. This versatile "pocketless" carrier immobilizes optical filters keeping them free from defects during shipping. Devices can be easily removed from the Gel-Box® using tweezers or a vacuum pick-up tool.

If you prefer a carrier where the Gel coated surface can be removed from the hinged box, please refer to the Gel-Tray® (BD Series) and Gel-SlideTM (CD Series)