DGL Film for Crystal Vacuum Coating

Gel-Pak DGL Film Securely Holds Fragile Optics in Place During Vacuum Coating Process

The Gel-Pak DGL film product is highly cross-linked polymer material designed for use in high temperature vacuum coating applications. The DGL film has a tacky surface which holds fragile glass/crystals/optics in place during the coating process. The DGL film is used one-time per coating step.


  • Special DGL film has stable properties in vacuum chamber up to 200C for several hours
  • Very low outgassing
  • Does not create “shadows” on crystal surfaces
  • Compatible with very small crystal sizes
  • Compatible with wide range of coating processes
  • DGL film is available in any sheet size required
  • Film’s “tacky” surface can hold any crystal size. Not size dependent
  • DGL film comes is range of tack levels