Customized Textured Carrier


A large, long-standing customer approached Gel-Pak to discuss the possibility of a customized textured device carrier. The customer was looking for a carrier that would hold components of various sizes throughout their production and test processes.


  • The customer faced unique manufacturing process challenges and was having difficulty sourcing a solution that would help them improve efficiency.
  • The customer needed a specialized textured film integrated with a specific carrier that would effectively hold devices in place during processing.
  • The customer needed the product to handle a broad range of devices sizes on the same carrier.

Gel-Pak and two other large material suppliers were solicited to develop a film with just the right properties to satisfy the customer’s unique challenges. Utilizing their extensive material and application expertise, the Gel-Pak R&D team was able to work with the customer to develop a textured carrier that met all of their specifications. Gel-Pak was awarded the contract over the other two suppliers and continues to collaborate with this customer on future programs.