UltraTape Announces New 3-Layer Piggyback Label

Contact: Lance Ochs

Phone: (503) 427-2885

Wilsonville, OREGON October 10, 2014, UltraTape Industries, a division of Delphon, and the premier supplier of cleanroom tapes and labels announces its new 3-layer cleanroom piggyback label product.

UltraTape's 3-layer piggyback label is made up of 2 top labels plus a base layer label that serves as a backing. The label can be applied to any object and the top two layers can be peeled off and reapplied elsewhere. Piggyback labels are often used for inventory control, asset tracking, and medical applications. UltraTape label products leave no residue and are manufactured from 100% synthetic facestocks, liners, and cores - which prevent particulate contamination issues that arise from coated paper products. The company's team of engineers can design a piggyback label to meet the specific requirements of a customers application.

Background: Located in Wilsonville, Oregon, UltraTape has manufactured high-quality adhesive tapes and labels for critical environments for over 20 years. The company's cleanroom manufacturing facility assures particle-free, residue-free adhesive tapes and labels for critical environments. UltraTape is committed to on-time delivery and superior quality. Continuous improvement in equipment facilities, and manufacturing processes allow the company to ensure that each production process meets the customer's specifications as well as ISO quality requirements.

For more information Contact: Lance Ochs, Sales Manager: lochs@cleanroomtape.com or (503) 427-2885. Visit: www.cleanroomtape.com

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