Ultratape Announces Sample Kits with Cleanroom Tape Dispenser

Contact: Michael Gottfredson

Phone: 503-480-1190

9 A.M. EDT July 27, 2011

UltraTape Industries, a division of Delphon and the premier supplier of tapes and labels for critical environments in the Medical/Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Electronic and Semiconductor industries, announces its convenient adhesive tape sample kits complete with single roll dispenser.

UltraTape sample kits are available in several versions including, Medical, ESD, Wafer Box, Construction and Cleanroom. Each kit contains specific tape product samples designed to meet the application needs and requirements of these industries. The kit also contains a high-quality single roll cleanroom dispenser.

UltraTape sample kits are an ideal way to cost-effectively test and review a variety of tapes and labels in the customer environment in order to determine the right product for a particular application. The UltraTape UT 922 dispenser, included with each kit, is the ultimate in tape delivery with the convenience of one-hand tape dispensing. This sleek styled dispenser is cleanroom quality, non slip design, blue power coated finish and accommodates widths up to 2 inches. Purchase your sample tape kit and dispenser today.

UltraTape Part Numbers:


  • Cleanroom Tapes & Dispenser DISP_SAMPLEKIT_CR $75
  • Dispenser & Construction Tapes DISP_SAMPLEKIT_CS $50
  • Dispenser & ESD & High Temp Tapes DISP_SAMPLEKIT_ES $60
  • Dispenser & Medical Tapes DISP_SAMPLEKIT_MED $55
  • Dispenser & Box Sealing Tapes DISP_SAMPLEKIT_WB $45

Background: UltraTape, founded in 1992 and purchased by Delphon Industries in 2007, manufactures particle-free, residue-free adhesive tapes and labels for the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Medical and Electronics industries. UltraTape products are ISO, REACH and RoHS compliant.

About Delphon: UltraTape is a division of Delphon Industries, LLC. Through its divisions, Gel-Pak, Quik-Pak, TouchMark and UltraTape along with UltraTape a worldwide sales and distribution network, Delphon Industries provides materials and services for high value technology components and leading edge medical devices. www.delphon.com.

For more information Contact: Michael Gottfredson, (503)-480-1190 or mgottfredson@cleanroomtape.com.

Visit: www.cleanroomtape.com.

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