Quik-Pak Offers Innovative Approach to Bumping Single Die

Contact: Steve Swendrowski

Phone: 1 (858)674-4676

9 A.M. EDT, March 3, 2011

San Diego, CA, March 3, 2011, - Quik-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries and a leader in Microelectronic Packaging and Assembly, announces an innovative approach to prototype die bumping. Gold stud bumping single die, rather than entire wafers, is the preferred approach for prototyping flip-chip assemblies. For product development, prototyping, design validation, and test development, bumping and assembly of small quantities of die is faster and more economical than working with entire wafers.

Individual die can be directly bumped without requiring under-bump metallization (UMB) or special treatment. Stud bumps may be single or multiple stacked bumps depending on standoff gap requirements. Quik-Pak achieves this by utilizing custom designed and fabricated tooling for each die application. Bump feature dimensions including, diameter and height, are tightly controlled using K&S AccuBump™ software. Once stud bumped, individual die can be bonded using thermo or thermosonic compression bonding, or the gold studs may be dipped in a conductive adhesive, aligned, and then cured. A variety of under fills are available when required to complete the assembly. Post-processed devices include some MEMS with raised surface features, as well as chip-capped hermetic cavity devices that are sealed at the die level. For more information, contact Quik-Pak.

About Quik-Pak: The company specializes in microelectronic packaging and advance assembly services. A limitless array of open-cavity and open molded packages are available with no minimum quantity. Packaging can be provided as part of a turnkey assembly solution along with backgrinding, wafer dicing, die/wire bonding, laser micromachining, remolding and marking/branding. Custom assembly services are also offered for flip chip, ceramic packages, chipon-board, stacked die, MEMS, etc. Quik-Pak's unique offerings deliver faster time to market and reduced costs for new devices, while providing excellent flexibility, quality and customer service.

For further information contact: Steve Swendrowski, Quik-Pak General Manager 1(858)674-4676 or Steves@icproto.com.

Visit: www.icproto.com.

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