Quik-Pak Enhances Die Bonding Capabilities

Contact: Steve Swendrowski

Phone: 1 (858)674-4676

9 A.M. EDT, November 17,2010

San Diego, CA, November 17, 2010, - Quik-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries and leader in Microelectronic Packaging and Assembly, has expanded its services to include submicron placement accuracy as part of its flip chip bonding capabilities. The company recently added the Finetech FINEPLACER® Lambda to address the needs of customers who require precise placement, die attach and advanced packaging including thermo-compression and thermo-sonic bonding.

The FINEPLACER Lambda allows Quik-Pak to handle applications that require extremely tight placement accuracy such as flip chip, 3-D packaging, MEMS, chip to wafer packaging, VCSEL and laser diode optoelectronics and more. “We can now provide customers high accuracy placement of ±0.05µm on component sizes from 0.080 x 0.080mm to 40 x 40mm, with force from 0.3N to 400N” says Steve Swendrowski, Quik-Pak General Manager.

About Quik-Pak: The company specializes in microelectronic packaging and advanced assembly services. A limitless array of open-cavity and open molded packages are available with no minimum quantity. Packaging can be provided as part of a turnkey assembly solution along with backgrinding, wafer dicing, die/wire bonding, laser micromachining, remolding and marking/branding. Custom assembly services are also offered for flip chip, ceramic packages, chip on- board, stacked die, MEMS, etc. Quik-Pak's unique offerings deliver faster time to market and reduced costs for new devices, while providing excellent flexibility, quality and customer service.

For further information contact: Steve Swendrowski, Quik-Pak General Manager 1(858)674-4676 or Steves@icproto.com..

Visit: www.icproto.com.

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