Quik-Pak Attains ISO 9001:2000 Certification

Contact: Steve Swendroski

Phone: 1(858) 674-4676

9 A.M. EDT, March 28, 2008

San Diego, CA, March 28, 2008- Quik-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries, announced today that it has met the strict requirements for ISO compliance and has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification for its IC packaging, assembly and prototyping services. The ISO 9001:2000 is an internationally recognized reference identifying and ensuring that the necessary components of a quality management system (QMS) are in place to continuously assure high quality services provided to customers.

"Achieving ISO certification demonstrates to our customers our commitment to providing them the highest quality packaging, prototyping and assembly services” says Jeanne Beacham, CEO. To attain ISO 9001:2000 certification, Quik-Pak has proven they have the required resources to manage and carry out certified procedures properly based on documented requirements. Quik-Pak showed evidence during meticulous audits that employees strictly follow the guidelines in Quik-Pak’s procedure manuals and that the staff regularly improves process efficiency to ensure high quality service.

Background: Quik-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries, offers IC packages, assembly and prototype services. The company specializes in open-cavity plastic packages and assembly in 24 hours or less. A limitless array of open-cavity packages is available with no minimum quantity and can be provided as part of a turn-key assembly solution along with wafer dicing, die/wire bonding, remolding and marking/branding. Custom assembly services are also offered for ceramic packages, chip-on-board, stacked die, MEMS, etc. Quik-Pak's unique offerings deliver faster time to market and reduced prototype costs for new devices, while providing excellent flexibility, quality and customer service.

About the Parent Company: Quik-Pak is a division of Delphon Industries, LLC. Delphon’s mission is to provide materials and services for the shipping, processing and packaging of high value technology and medical components. Headquartered in Hayward, California, CEO Jeanne Beacham has aggressively positioned Delphon to take advantage of changes within the industries the company serves. With Divisions Quik-Pak, Gel-Pak, TouchMark and UltraTape along with a worldwide sales and distribution network, Delphon Industries serves a wide range of markets including the Semiconductor, medical device, Opto-electronics, automotive, MEMS, and defense industries.

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