Quik-Pak Announces Copper Wire Bonding Capability

Contact: Steve Swendrowski

Phone: 1 (858)674-4676

9 A.M. EDT, December 15,2011

San Diego, CA, December 15, 2011 - Quik-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries and leader in Microelectronic Packaging and Assembly, announced today they fully support copper wire bonding with their K&S Maxum Ultra wire bonder. Quik Pak offers copper ball bonding using wires with diameters ranging from 20µm (0.8 mil) to 30µm (1.2 mils). Quik-Pak can support prototype and pre-production volumes.

Copper wire bonding is fast becoming the preferred material for wire bonding in many semiconductor and microelectronic applications. Copper wire has higher thermal and electrical conductivity than gold and aluminum wire and is mechanically stronger than both. Once bonded under a protective reducing gas atmosphere, copper wire has excellent ball neck strength and loop stability during encapsulation. An additional benefit is the intermetallic growth in copper bonds is significantly slower than in gold wire bonds. It results in lower electrical resistance, lower heat generation, and increased long-term bond reliability.

Steve Swendrowski, Quik-Pak’s General Manager says, “We’ve had copper wire bonding capability for some time but did not fully utilize it until recently. We want to get the word out that we can provide microelectronic assemblies bonded using copper wire. Our business model has always been to support our customers’ desire to build prototypes using the same package and materials set used in volume production. This now applies to the wire type, as well.” Wires sizes currently in stock include 25µm (1.0 mil) bare copper and palladium coated copper.

About Quik-Pak: The company specializes in microelectronic packaging and advanced assembly services. A limitless array of open- cavity plastic packages (OCPP) and open molded plastic packages (OmPPTM) are available. Packaging can be provided as part of a turnkey assembly solution along with backgrinding, wafer dicing, die/wire bonding, laser micromachining, remolding and marking/branding. Custom assembly expertise includes working with ceramic packages, flip chip die, chip-on-board, stacked die, radiation detectors and MEMS devices. Quik-Pak's unique offerings deliver faster time to market and reduced costs for new devices, while providing excellent flexibility, quality and customer service.

More Information: Casey Krawiec, Quik-Pak Global Sales and Marketing Manager: casey@icproto.com or 1-(858) 674-4676.

Visit: www.icproto.com

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