Quik-Pak Selected to Provide Enhanced Molding and Assembly Services to Wireless Semiconductor and Solar Customers

Contact: Casey Krawiec

Phone: 1 (858) 521-3607

9 A.M. EDT, April 4, 2014

San Diego, CA, April 10, 2014, - Quik-Pak, a leader in integrated circuit (IC) packaging, wafer processing, and advanced assembly services, has expanded its transfer molding and assembly capabilities to accommodate the increased demands of innovative companies in the wireless electronics and solar industries.

Quik-Pak’s newly expanded manufacturing space, which is dedicated to its transfer molding operation, will be utilized to meet the volume demands of its customers. The company has also expanded its wafer preparation facility to accommodate new equipment capable of supporting high-volume wafer backgrinding and dicing operations.

“This expansion comes in response to our customers’ demands for a reliable, US-based, mid-volume packaging and assembly provider,” said Casey Krawiec, Global Sales and Marketing Manager. “Historically, Quik-Pak has been the go-to company for quick turn and prototype builds. Our customers have increasingly asked us to provide packaging and assembly services in higher quantities. With this expansion and purchase of new equipment, we now have greater capability than ever before.” ”The addition of an ISO class 8 molding room and the expansion of our ISO class 7 dicing area allow us to provide volume manufacturing of saw-singulated air-cavity and over-molded QFN and DFN packages to our customers,” says Steve Swendrowski, Quik-Pak General Manager.

About Quik-Pak: Quik-Pak, a division of Delphon, provides IC packaging and assembly services. The company offers both custom open-molded plastic packages, and pre-molded plastic packages (OmPP.) Quik-Pak’s pre-molded plastic packages are cost-effective, come in a wide variety of sizes and lead counts, are available off the shelf, and are ideal for prototype or production volume applications. Quik-Pak also specializes in a variety of services that together provide a full turn-key packaging and assembly solution including wafer preparation, die/wire bonding, encapsulation and marking/branding all under one roof. Custom assembly services are also offered for Flip Chip, Ceramic Packages, Chip-on-Board, Stacked Die, MEMS, etc.

For more information Contact: Casey Krawiec, Global Sales and Marketing Manager: casey@icproto.com or 1 (858) 674-4676.

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