Gel-Pak’s New LCS2™ is Featured in the June Issue of Microwave Journal

Lid Clip System Stops Thin Semiconductor Die from Migrating

By Gel-Pak, Hayward, Calif.
Jun 13, 2022

Compound semiconductor die are getting thinner, and standard waffle packs aren’t designed to contain them. The result is die migration, resulting in higher cost from yield loss, rework labor and returned material to suppliers. Gel-Pak® and BAE Systems® designed a new lid clip system that works with standard waffle pack chip trays and eliminates die migration. LCS2 is a patented lid clip system that ensures uniform compression across the lid of the waffle pack, which prevents components from escaping their pockets. Using static dissipative materials to enhance protection from electrostatic discharge, LCS2 ensures valuable devices arrive defect-free and are ready for assembly.

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