Hayward, CA February 1, 2024, Gel-Pak, a Delphon company and a global leader in elastomer-based materials and protective carriers for the semiconductor, medical, and electronics industries, is pleased to announce the launch of its Gel-Probe products. This new line features enhanced probe tip cleaning and polishing solutions designed for semiconductor test applications.

In the late 1990’s Gel-Pak pioneered the Gel-Wafer, the first elastomer-based probe tip cleaning product. Today, the company is making a strategic reentry into the market with its enhanced Gel-Probe line which currently includes the Gel-Probe ReMove and Gel-Probe ReFine products. Gel-Pak is also collaborating with leading probe card manufacturers on the development of an expanded suite of solutions for next generation test applications.

Gel-Probe ReMove cleaning sheets and wafers consist of a proprietary nonabrasive Gel elastomer material. This material efficiently removes and captures loose debris that accumulates on the probe tip and electrical contact area during probing. Gel-Probe ReFine Polishing wafers and sheets are comprised of a unique Gel elastomer-based material blended with abrasive particles. This combination provides an effective solution for eliminating embedded and bonded debris from probe tips. Both products are suitable for all types of cantilevered probe needle materials, as well as more advanced vertical and array technologies. The product is designed for use in both offline and online probe cleaning/polishing applications.

“As the semiconductor industry races to deliver high-performance devices under competitive costs, wafer testing takes center stage”, says Dr. Jerry Broz, Delphon’s Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development.

“Through rapid co-creation and delivery, Gel-Pak is developing critical materials like Gel-Probe ReMove and ReFine, that ensure probe card contact reliability during advanced wafer test operations. Gel-Pak’s technical strategy focuses on customer partnerships and operational excellence, co-creating products that address long-term roadmaps and solve specific customer challenges. As a trusted partner, Gel-Pak’s approach provides significant results, enabling leading semiconductor companies to economically assure data quality and maximize yields.”

“We recognize that advanced technologies have accelerated the need for innovation in probe cleaning materials”, says Joe Montano, Delphon President and CEO. “I’m enthusiastic about the collaboration between our R&D team, lead by Jerry Broz, and prominent probe card manufacturers. Together, we are dedicated to creating cutting-edge cleaning materials that align with next-generation test requirements and ultimately contribute to a reduction in the overall cost of test.”

About Gel-Pak

Gel-Pak develops and manufactures a family of elastomer-based carriers and films designed to provide maximum protection during the shipping, handling and processing of delicate devices. Our manufacturing expertise allows us to customize existing products or rapidly develop novel solutions to meet evolving requirements for next generation technologies. Headquartered in Hayward, Calif., Gel-Pak has partnered with the world’s leading semiconductor, medical and electronics companies for more than 40 years.

About Delphon

Delphon, specializes in polymer and adhesive materials and is known for solving complex product development and manufacturing challenges. By combining unique materials and proprietary technologies, Delphon partners with customers to move ideas quickly into novel products. Delphon’s well-known brands Gel-Pak, UltraTape and TouchMark are innovators of solutions for the semiconductors, medical device, photonics, aerospace and defense industries.

More Information:
For more information on Gel-Probe, please contact Jennifer Nunes, Sr. Director of Marketing, at 510-510-2253, or Dr. Jerry Broz, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development Website