Product Spotlight: Versatile Gel-Coated Film for Kitting and Fixturing

Improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce fixturing costs with Gel-Pak's Gel-Film. Gel-Pak offers a versatile Gel-coated film that is ideal for holding small parts in place during processing or assembly. The WF version has the option for a pressure sensitive adhesive backing which enables mounting the film to any flat working surface. The PF or DGL versions can be removed from their polyester backing material and are ideal for processes that require optical clarity.

  • Ideal for fixturing and kitting
  • WF withstands temperatures up to 150°C
  • PF and DGL can withstand temperatures up to 220°C
  • Available with or without adhesive backing
  • Size and shape can be customized for your application
  • Variety of tack levels