The Evolution of Delphon:
Positioned for Success

To understand where we are today, it’s informative to look at our history. It all began in 1997 when Jeanne Beachman, now Delphon’s executive chairman of the board, led a management buyout of Gel-Pak. This served as a turning point for us. In 2004, Delphon was founded as a platform for future growth and acquisitions, which led to the purchase of TouchMark in 2006 and UltraTape in 2007. By leveraging the innovative technologies from these acquisitions, we have been able to expand our fundamental capabilities to provide a diverse product portfolio.

More recently, we were acquired by Grey Lion Capital in 2018, which allowed us to accelerate investments in our people and manufacturing operations, and enables continued development of cutting edge products and customized solutions for our customers.

2021 started our most recent evolution, with the hiring of Joe Montano as President to accelerate this growth, drive more strategic initiatives, and optimize our organization. Earlier this year, Joe transitioned to the CEO role, giving him full oversight of Delphon and our companies. Interestingly, this new transition led us to look back on our history to understand where we’ve been, and how we can evolve as a company to be even better in the future…

Much of this work involved focusing on our brand to ensure it accurately reflects who we are today and our goals for the future. As part of this, we evaluated and updated our brand pillars and core values to highlight how we are energized by novel ideas and welcome collaboration. Over past few months we have focused internally to align our team around our mission, vision, and key objectives. We are more motivated than ever to transform the world through innovative and effective solutions that push high-technology industries forward.

Now, Delphon has an impressive global footprint. We have about 63,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Hayward, California, and about 30,000 square feet in Wilsonville, Oregon. Combined with sales offices in Taiwan, Korea and Southeast Asia, as well as global distribution centers around the world, we can support our customers globally. We pride ourselves on our technical collaborations with customers to innovate custom solutions to add value to their products and expand our companies’ product portfolios.

While the industries we operate in are rapidly changing, we are ready for whatever challenges customers throw our way. Our carefully curated portfolio of companies are ready to develop and deliver highly engineered materials for the semiconductor, medical, photonics, and electronic industries. As for the future of Delphon? We are committed to innovating with our current customers, while continuing to look for new acquisitions to further strengthen our capabilities within the industries we serve, while always keeping an eye on new markets. The future of our company is bright, thanks to our dedicated and hard-working team – together, we are Delphon.