Tips for Handling and Storing GaAs and MMIC Devices

Gel-Pak VR Trays are often the standard handling and storage method for GaAs and MMIC devices. The VR Products are membrane based trays that hold die in place during shipping and handling. They release components only when required. The surface contact between the die and the gel membrane on the tray surface has two independent modes. In the "Retention" mode the surface contact is maximized and the dies are held firmly in place. In the "Release" mode the surface contact between the die and the membrane is minimized; die can then be easily removed by vacuum tools or tweezers.

Note: There is no constraint for positioning the dies on the tray. It is therefore possible for users to align precisely the die on the tray when using an automatic pick & place equipment.

Tips for using GEL-PAK VR Series

  • The tray should be well positioned on a vacuum plate designed to deliver vacuum to the underside of the tray. Most die attach equipment manufacturers offer fixtures for GEL-PAK handling and also stand-alone stations.
  • Vacuum : Best results are obtained under good vacuum conditions, preferably in the range of 25 in.Hg or higher. The Gel membrane may appear to be in release mode even under relatively low vacuum conditions but full vacuum is necessary for optimal release.
  • Gel-Pak VR Trays are ideal for storage of MMIC and GaAs components.