Floor Marking Is Ued to Identify Walkways

Floor marking is used to identify walkways, aisles or other spaces in a facility. Using the right floor tape can enhance safety and improve organizational efficiency. While safety is a clear goal for floor marking, durability is also key. Floor marking products must last in order to effectively promote safety. That is why it is important for a business to choose the right floor marking tape.

Applying floor marking tape is quick and cost-effective compared to painting floors. When choosing floor marking tape, facilities need to take into consideration its purpose.

Knowing the goal the floor marking needs to achieve will help identify which type of floor marking option will serve the facility best. Companies should consider the following:

  • Using phosphorescent tape to indicate the most direct way to exit the facility.
  • Using different color of printed floor tape to indicate waking paths, forklift lanes, raw material storage, hazards…etc.
  • Creating a system of directional signs and floor marking to help workers and employee navigate through the facility.

Floor Marking Guidelines

  • Facilities need to make sure to use as few colors as possible; it will make it easier for employees to remember the intended meaning of each color.
  • Facilities need to make sure to color code non-material storage fixture.
  • Facilities need to make sure to color code areas to be kept clear for safety and compliance.
  • Facilities need to make sure to color code areas in front of electrical panels.

Environmental Conditions:

The condition of the facility can easily affect the type of floor marking tape that needs to be used to ensure that it can endure repeated exposure to dirt, water, chemicals…etc.

Floor Marking Tape Applications

Choosing the right tape for your facility is no easy task. Depending on your safety needs, below are tape applications that can be used alone or with one another:

Phosphorescent tape: can be used to mark safe lanes for pedestrians in a factory or warehouse, , highlight dangerous locations, or lead people to destinations through poorly lit areas.

Reflective Tape: Ensuring machinery such as forklifts are visible when mobile or stationary is very important, and applying reflective tape to them is a cost effective solution to help prevent accidents and injury.

Anti-Slip Tape: It increases the friction between a worker's shoes and the ground's surface, which helps prevent slipping.

Aisle Tape:  Outline safe walking areas for pedestrians and driving lanes for forklifts with Aisle tape