Blog Post: 5 Tips for floor marking in frigid environments

The chill in the air is a reminder that now is a good time to review best practices when it comes to floor marking in frigid environments. Marking aisles and hazardous conditions can be a difficult task in cold food storage facilities. Painting is discouraged because paint fumes and food storage don’t mix. Additionally, freezing temperatures prevent paint from curing and adhering to surfaces. Using common floor tapes also presents a problem because most of them require an application temperature of 55° F or above. Here are some tips to consider when floor marking in frigid environments.

  1. Follow OSHA’s color code for floor marking and make sure to post it prominently. A consistent use of color coding is important to avoid confusion and prevent accidents.
  2. Use a tape that is designed for use in frigid environments like UltraTape’s 1188 or 1189 SubZero Tape. These tapes are ideal for long term floor and equipment marking in below freezing environments where it is nearly impossible to apply paint or standard adhesive products.
  3. Use SubZero tapes to mark off traffic lanes for forklifts or to establish a perimeter around dangerous machines. UltraTape’s SubZero tape can withstand heavy traffic and do not buckle or degrade quickly.
  4. Assign one person or group to manage implementation of floor marking plan.
  5. Provide detailed training to everyone in the cold storage facility so that they know what the tapes mean and how they are used.