Choosing the right tape for the job

Tape adhesion is influenced by a number of factors and may adhere differently depending on what it is being applied to. Materials like metals and glass have high surface energy and tapes generally like to stick to them. Plastics, however, have low surface energy and it is sometimes difficult for tapes to establish a strong adhesive bond to them. Tape adhesion can also be influenced by the environment including temperature and humidity. Because of these factors, it is important to choose the right adhesion for your application.
Here are some of the variables to consider when evaluating which tape is right for the job:

Tape Properties:
  • Tape backing substrate
  • Adhesive material
  • Thickness of the adhesive
  • Elongation at break
  • Adhesion value on stainless steel peel test

Application Conditions:
  • Operating temperature
  • Duration of application
  • Application surface
  • Surface texture
  • Specific concerns of your controlled environment

Most tapes used for commercial applications are tested in a controlled environment under universally accepted conditions, which means that the methods used to determine these factors are consistent among manufacturers.
Sometimes even with all of the information, finding the best tape for you application can be tricky.  For those cases, you can rely on the experts at UltraTape to find you the right tape for the job.