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High Purity : Particle-Free : Residue-Free

UltraTape™ has manufactured high quality Adhesive Tapes and Labels for the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Medical and Electronics industries for more than 20 years. The company’s cleanroom manufacturing facility assures particle-free and residue-free adhesive tapes and labels that meet the stringent requirements of critical environments.

UltraTape works closely with these industries to develop tapes for a variety of cleanroom applications. By combining unique substrates and adhesives, UltraTape is able to provide custom solutions for its customers.

The company’s products are manufactured to meet the most stringent anti-static, particle-free and high purity specifications while meeting schedule and cost objectives. Tapes for applications ranging from cleanroom construction, wafer processing, barrier, and sterilization are all stocked for quick delivery.

UltraTape UltraClean 

UltraClean Tapes and Labels

Our premium cleanroom tape and labels are made of nonparticulating materials on a plastic core, suitable for use in Class 1 (ISO Class 3) and above cleanrooms. Each roll is processed through UltraTape’s proprietary clean manufacturing process then individually wrapped and sealed in cleanroom polyethylene bags. 

Labels are double bagged in a second cleanroom polyethylene bag and tape is sealed into a pack with a second cleanroom polyethylene bag to insure cleanliness upon arrival to your cleanroom.Offers the highest level of cleanliness available for today's critical environments.

  • Offers the highest level of cleanliness available for today's critical environments
  • Suitable for Class 100 to Class 1 cleanrooms
  • UltraTape's web cleaning system dissipates the static layer, allowing both sides of the label stock to be cleaned

UltraLabel Pro

UltraLabel PRO

The UltraLabel PRO is a desktop “thermal transfer/direct thermal” cleanroom label and sign printer. It handles a wide variety of jobs ranging from printing small die-cut cleanroom labels and shrink tube wire labels, to making reflective safety signs. From inventory and product labels to pipe markers or hazardous materials labels, the UltraLabel PRO provides excellent print quality and saves money by allowing in-house cleanroom labeling.

The Unique design of the UltraLabel PRO, combined with the wide variety of custom supplies offered by UltraTape Industries, results in the most versatile cleanroom printer on the market.

The UltraLabel PRO is able to handle most labeling and sign making tasks. It offers customers high quality thermal printing combined with the correct supplies for any job.

Cleanroom Labels

Classic Tapes and Labels

Our classic cleanroom tape and labels are made of nonparticulating materials on a plastic core suitable for Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) and above cleanrooms. Each roll is wrapped in an unsealed plastic bag.

Specialty Tapes and Labels

UltraTape has a line of Specialty tapes and labels that can be customized to meet your specific application. Special packaging, core, substrate or adhesive materials and special backings are available to meet your requirements.

Tape and Label Applications

Marking Tapes

Protocol Tapes

Autoclavable Tapes

ESD Tapes

Wafer Box Sealing Tapes


UltraTape manufactures tapes and labels that specifically meet the strict requirements of the Aerospace industry. These products are antistatic and can be used at high temperatures. In addition, they leave no residue or particulates and are low out-gassing.


Construction tapes are designed for floor marking, color coding, ductwork and for hanging heavy plastic sheeting to create temporary walls.

General Purpose

Ultratape manufactures a line of tapes and labels specifically for use in the cleanroom. These tapes and labels meet critical industry requirements and are particle-free and residue-free.

Double Sided

UltraTape manufactures double sided tapes using a variety of substrates to meet the requirements of your specific application.

Environmental Health and Safety

UltraTape’s Environmental Health and Safety tapes are designed to keep your employees and your workplace safe.

ESD and High Temperature

UltraTape manufactures a line of tapes and labels for use where electrostatic discharge and high temperatures are a concern. The tapes have an antistatic surface and are able to withstand high temperatures applications.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

UltraTape manufactures a line of tapes for use within the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
UltraTape offers autoclavable tape that can withstand temperatures up to 240°F for short periods of time, gamma irradiated tape as well as sterilization indicator tape which has a stripe that changes color to indicate that sterilization is complete.


UltraTape manufactures a line of tapes and labels that meet the specific needs of the Semiconductor industry.
The company offers a variety of colored wafer box tapes that adhere to plastic, leave no residue and are easily removed. The ESD tapes are made with conductive adhesive and produce no electrostatic charge upon removal.


UltraTape has a number of tapes and labels that are manufactured for use for use in Solar Applications.

UltraTape Sample Kits Available

Cleanroom, construction, ESD, semiconductor and medical kits available. Sample Kits are also available with a high quality single roll tape dispenser UT922. 

Interested in ordering a UltraTape Sample Kit? Click Here

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